To: Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo and Manabu Miyasaka, President and CEO of Yahoo Japan

Yahoo - stop your deadly ivory trade!

Yahoo - stop your deadly ivory trade!

As global citizens, we are appalled that Yahoo! Japan is fueling elephant extinction by allowing ivory to be sold on your site. Major brands like Google and Amazon have taken the responsible step and refused to take part in this bloody trade. We call on Yahoo! to urgently ban ivory sales from your sites in Japan and on all your other markets.

Why is this important?

The ivory trade is pushing elephants to the edge of extinction, and Yahoo is making a killing from trinket sales in Japan! But right now we have a chance to end this corporate complicity.

Several big brands like Google and Amazon are refusing to sell ivory. Yahoo is one of the few major online markets left. But we could influence that decision. Right now Yahoo is losing some of its best employees, and the CEO is offering millions to convince people to stay. If we threaten to lift the lid on Yahoo’s bloody secret, she could lose staff even faster, and may reconsider the costs of this cruel trade.

100 elephants are being massacred a day, and their emotional intelligence means they understand the horror of what is happening to them. Let’s raise a million voices to protect these majestic creatures -- Avaaz will run an advertising blitz and target Yahoo employees worldwide to demand change from the inside. Sign now and recruit others to join on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else!

Reasons for signing

  • The killing of elephants has to be stopped! They are very intelligent and Family-orientated animals - the trade in Ivory is Barbaric!
  • Cause you fuckn should


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