To: Bengkulu's Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA) and the owners of Bengkulu zoo

Save the animals at the world's worst zoo

Save the animals at the world's worst zoo

We call on you to take urgent steps to rescue the animals suffering at Bengkulu's zoo. Unless conditions are improved immediately, we call for the zoo to be shut down and the animals to be relocated.

Why is this important?

No food or water. Solitary confinement. Choking on garbage. That's the reality for animals imprisoned in Bengkulu's zoo. Let's stop this suffering!

An animal rights group just raised the alarm over the appalling conditions at the zoo in Bengkulu, Sumatra, and the body in charge of wildlife conservation, BKSDA, could step in, if enough of us push for an intervention.

Let's stand up for a dignified life for these animals. Sign now and spread the word.

Reasons for signing

  • I CARE about ALL of LIFE!!!!! It IS Interconnected for us
  • Stop Cruelty
  • Apart from the imprisonment which is cruel. the state of the place and lack of food and water, is shocking!


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Great news, a is helping improve the situation, but there is still a great challenge to make the zoo sustainable for items like a food budget, vets, good enclosures etc... Visit: to learn more.

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