To: Pakistani government

Protect the Houbara Bustard on its breeding ground in Pakistan

Dear minister,
We would please request you to take action to protect the Houbara Bustard, a desert bird that is on the brink of extinction.
Officially there is a hunting ban for houbaras in place but nevertheless Middle Eastern sheikhs are given permits to hunt 'partridges' and hundreds of houbaras are slaughtered, The hunts are carried out from SUVs that drive cross-country over the chickpea fields of the local farmers, who are not allowed to protect their only source of income. The hunters have promised to build hospitals in the area but nothing is done about it. Even that would not bring back the houbara, of which only some 100.000 are thought to be left in the wild.

Why is this important?

We cannot allow yet another species to disappear from this earth just for the sake of granting a few rich people the joy of hunting and to improve international relationships between Pakistan and Middle Eastern countries.
The BBC record of the problem tells all:

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